* Weekly Meeting on June 5th(Wed.), 12:30 pm at Namsanroom2,
Grand Hyatt Seoul
- Speaker: Prof. Jin Sung Jang, Seoul National University
- Topic: 'Chosun Dynasty Painting'

* Weekly Meeting on June 12th(Wed.), 6:30 pm at Meissen Buffet, Hotel Prima
- Speaker: Prof. Yongij Ryu
- Topic: Dr. Syngman Rhee and the Rise of Modern Korea:
A New Look at Rhee's Caliber and Achievements
as the First ROK President, 1948-1960

* Weekly Meeting on June 19th(Wed.), 12:30 pm
- Speaker: Rotarian David (Mr. Lee Ho)
- Topic: Introduction of Tong-In:
An Interesting Story of the - company

* Weekly Meeting on June 26th(Wed.), 6:30 pm
- To be announced

2013-05-31 12:32:02
  Previous Meeting Note

On June 4th(Monday), 2012: ¡°Young at Heart¡±
We had a gathering ¡°Young at Heart¡± with the support of Past president C.H. and Rotarian Ock Kyung at 18:30p.m., Nampo MyunOk (Tel:540-2596) in Gangnam. Rotarian Soon provided two bottles of wine for gathering.
Attendees(12 Pers.):
Past governor You, Past Pd. C.H., Rotarian Soon, Andy, H.K., Seachang, Jong, Ock Kyung, Sugar, Cecilia, Tom,
Agenda: (1) Membership Increase
- Change of the meeting place & change of the meeting times per month for lowering dues

2012-06-15 13:39:31
  Speech Review

June 5th, 2013

Speaker : Prof. Chin Sung Chang, Departemnt of Art and Archaeology,
Seoul National University

Topic: Yi In-sang (1710-1760) and the Visual Poetics
of Subjectivity in late Chosŏn Korea

The rise of sŏŏl intellectuals in the world of art and literature marks one of the most important historical changes in eighteenth-century Korea. The sŏŏl, a class of secondary sons¨úsons of the commoner concubines of officials and degree-holders, belonging to the ruling yangban class yet deprived of the social privilege¨úgained prominence in areas of art and literature during the time. This talk explores the ways in which the self-fashioning of the eminent sŏŏl intellectual Yi In-sang is embodied in the thematic density of his autobiographical works. His works reveal a complex mindscape of psychological dislocation and internal exile that is inseparable from his identity as sŏŏl. I will discuss how the questions of psychological self-hood and subjectivity played a significant role in the making of Yi In-sang¡¯s art as well as how he used allegorically autobiographical paintings as a means of constructing his self and identity.

2013-05-09 11:58:05
  What's Good News ?

Rotary Inaugural Remarks Year 2012-13
Dear Fellow Rotarians, distinguished elder leaders, guests and friends.
I first joined this club nearly 34 years ago. Then it was in many ways a very different club than we see today. I looked through our directory and found only seven other members from that time who are still among us today. They are Rotarians You, BK, CK, PH, KH, Soon, and Kikon. Most of you joined later than me. To me that says that our club, in spite of the statistics, is getting younger and that gives us all reason for hope for the future. The future belongs to the young and it is the example of the older generations which serves to inspire and encourage.
The problems of declining membership and attendance are common to many Rotary Clubs around the world. Many others are grappling with solutions in the same way that we are doing now. But I believe that the message of Rotary and its global objectives carry the same strength and attraction as ever. And those objectives can be a torch to bring new members and renewed commitment. Let¡¯s remind ourselves of the four objects:
1.Developing acquaintance as an opportunity for service
2.Dignifying our work and occupations through high ethical standards as an opportunity to serve society
3.Applying the ideal of service in our personal, business and community lives
4.Advancing international understanding, goodwill, and peace through Rotary¡¯s
world fellowship
Explaining how we achieve these objectives is a task we can all recognise and take part in. The ¡°how¡± is set out in our Four avenues of service:
1.Action within the club
2.Vocational service, founded on the Four-Way Test which we recite at every meeting
3.Community Service, as Rotarians or with others, to improve the quality of life within the locality
4.International Service, advancing international understanding, goodwill, and peace by fostering knowledge of other countries and cultures and through cooperation in projects designed to help people in other lands
RI President Sakuji Tanaka who takes office now for the coming year, has enshrined these principles and ideals in his slogan for 2012-13, ¡°Peace Through Service¡±.
For me personally it is an honour and a privilege to have been elected as President of the oldest and founding Rotary Club in Korea. In accepting the burden of responsibility that the job entails, I asked myself – how often have I experienced frustration at not being able to solve on my own one of the great problems which humanity faces in these troubled times? The answer can be found in Rotary Membership. Through club membership and through association with the 34,000 Rotary Clubs and 1.2 million members worldwide we can tap into a strong and powerful organisation and its resources. Look at what Rotary has done to eradicate polio over the past quarter century, raising $900 million and inoculating 2 billion children, this reducing the incidence of the crippling disease by over 95 %. Who would not feel proud to be a part of such an organisation? Who would be embarrassed to tell friends and colleagues ¡°I am a Rotarian¡± with all that membership entails and to encourage others to join this wonderful movement?
As a club, we shall have to face challenges during the coming year and be prepared to make changes so that we can prepare for the future. I do not see our future as a declining, dwindling luxury gentlemen¡¯s luncheon club. I do not see us continuing to spend so much of the money we raise on feeding ourselves rather than directing those funds to Service. We owe it to our worthy predecessors and to the fellowship represented by our club to work together to find solutions.
I will be proposing to the Board changes in our pattern of weekly meetings, changes in the way we present ourselves to the community at large in Seoul, and ways in which we can demonstrate to potential members how they, by becoming Rotarians, can make a difference. I know I can count on you, my fellows, to support me on this.
I salute all my predecessors, notably ¡°HS¡±, Lee Hong Soo, for their devotion and dedication and hope to prove a fit and worthy successor to carry the banner of the club for the next twelve months. My membership of Rotary during all the years I have lived in Korea has helped me enormously as a businessman, member of the foreign community and champion of the progress and advancement of this country. Now it is really time for me to give back to Rotary in terms of the service I am able to commit.
Soon I will also let you know about my plan for a campaign which will help to raise the public profile of Rotary and at the same time save lives and reduce traffic accidents. But for now let me leave you with the slogan which will anchor this campaign and which I hope we as a club will adopt in all we do during the next twelve months
¾çº¸ Èü½Ã´Ù ! Make Way !
Thank you.
Rotarian Alan

2012-07-09 14:47:31
  The 4-Way Test
1. Is it the TRUTH ?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned ?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned ?

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